Pebble Fina® brand pool finishes unite old world elements with new world technology producing a classic look with 21st century durability.

Pebble Fina Pool Finishes

Made from our smallest natural pebbles, PebbleFina® delivers the smoothest aggregate finish available. The pool finishes that comes from this exclusive product line is enriched with additives that provide superior strength and long-lasting durability over a traditional pool replaster.

  • Offers the smoothest texture in our product offering
  • Our unique technology provides increased density and resistance to etching caused by fluctuations in water chemistry.
  • Certain colors incorporate Shimmering Sea and Stardust for added elegance and sparkle

Looking for an elegant choice for your pool resurfacing project? The Grigio pool finish is a stately choice for swimming pool and spa. Don’t let the delicate look fool you. The Grigio pool finish has made many Visalia area pools more impervious. Rely on the the long-lasting, low maintenance of pebbled pool plaster with increased density that resists etching. And enjoy a pool remodeling choice that results in a dazzling elegance.

Pool resurfacing doesn’t have to lack luster. With Pebble Fina Classico pool finish, you can transform a plain old white pool plaster surface into a dazzling, shimmering pool finish. Our work on pool resurfacing swimming pools have contributed to many more vibrant swimming pools in that area. Bring the sparkle to your pool surface with Pebble Fina Classico pool finish.

Do your pool remodeling plans include the playfulness of color? Why not consider pool resurfacing with an opalescent pool finish? The Cielo Blue pool finish infuses tiny sparkling shells with a creamy pool plaster that is as strong and durable as it is enchantingly beautiful. This elegant blend creates iridescent blue waters that are as refreshing to gaze upon as dive into. Dive into your pool remodeling playfully with the beauty and glimmer of Cielo Blue pool finish.

Pool remodeling with splendor is now affordable, durable and smoother when you choose Pebble Fina pool resurfacing. The Pebble Fina Bella Blue pool finish creates a shimmering, intensified blue hue over a strong and long-lasting pool surface. Our frequent pool resurfacing in Folsom has contributed to many more vibrant swimming pools in that area. Bring the sparkle and illuminating hue of Bella Blue pool finish to your backyard paradise.

Pebble Fina’s steel grey takes it’s cue from Gabbro, a dark grey to black/brown with light and dark crystal flecks. Using Steel Grey as your pool refinish will enlighten your pool, giving it that glimmering vibrant blue that reminds us of the ocean.