Your Local Pool Builder

There are many moving parts throughout the custom pool construction process, and at Aqua Pool & Spa of Visalia we want you to feel confident and comfortable things are getting done. While things can change throughout the process, we want you to know that Aqua Pool & Spa of Visalia is dedicated to providing superior professionalism and quality craftsmanship the entire time. Take a few minutes to learn more about the pool construction process below to get a better understanding of what to expect while we build your custom pool. And feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before, during or after construction.

Pool Construction

Many pool builders offer stock construction packages, limiting your choices for pool and backyard design. At Aqua Pool & Spa of Visalia, we provide you with one-on-one attention from the very beginning, explaining the entire construction process and presenting you with limitless options to build the custom pools of your dreams. Our team will provide you with a design that is uniquely custom and within your budget.

Layout and Excavation

This stage is the first in the construction of your Aqua Pool. Here, we take the dimensions of the design and lay it out onto the proposed site area. This provides an ideal opportunity to see the outline of the actual size and shape of the pool before we actually break ground with excavation. Once the layout stage is complete we then proceed to the process of excavating the grass, underlying soil and rock in order to prepare the site for the pool construction.

Forming and Steel

Just as steel and wood are used to form a solid foundation for a home, it is also used to form the shape and structure of your pool. While it is visually rough, it serves as the framework for a poolscape with high structural integrity.

Electrical and Plumbing

Before the gunite process we install all the plumbing and electrical components. We ensure that the plumbing is pressure tested and the electrical meets the necessary city and state codes.

Sure, invite your neighbors and friends over for a pool party when your pool is completed…but, this stage is almost just as fun. A team of experienced personnel apply the gunite using high pressure hoses to create the tough inner shell of your new pool. It is awesome to see the gunite concrete applied and worked onto the forming structure so that you get the first real time vision of your dream pool.

Tile and Coping

There is a wonderful array of tiles, slate, ceramics, natural stone and mosaics to select from. The pool coping can be crafted from natural stone, brick, cement, or a variety of other materials.

Masonry and Stone

We take great measures to monitor quality control during the installation process to ensure that the work that is done is flawless and built to last.


This is the perimeter area surrounding your pool. There are a variety of surfaces that are implemented here based on your design from rock salt finishes, stamped concrete to custom stone. At this stage we also create any features such as fire pits, fountains and so much more.


Applying the plaster is a complex yet easy process. It is blown onto the gunite and requires a quick, experienced and hard working crew to smooth the surface to assure a beautiful finish. The pool is then immediately filled with water. The 7 days requires the homeowners to thoroughly “brush” the pool twice a day to ensure the smoothest surface possible. Since this step is essential and must be adhered to, please contact Aqua Pools if you are unable to participate in this part of the process.

Start-up and Training

Quite often a first time pool Owner can feel overwhelmed by the initial start up and maintenance of a pool. we contract with a professional pool maintenance company to provide every homeowner with the necessary training on the use of the pool equipment and care of the pool water chemistry.